Thursday, December 17, 2009

waterless snowglobe

I am big time into jars and into creating a scene in jars or buying jars to display and hold things. Remember those houses that the girls made over Thanksgiving break? I saw those houses on the BHG website and thought that they would make a beautiful little winter wonderland....

You're going to need some basic supplies....a gallon glass jar, a thin piece of chipboard (like the kind you might find on the back of a paper slab), a craft knife, a corner-rounder punch or a lacing tool, a ruler, a bone folder, hot glue, glue dots, fake snow, fishing wire, patterned paper, and various decorative elements and embellishments that might suit your fancy...

Just create your own winter scene...I glittered the roofs and used a lace edger to give a Swiss "chalet" look...Once the glue had dried on the house and the trees in the jar, we filled it with some fake snow and iridescent flakes....You cant give out the jars without decorating the lid, too....I took fishing line and glued little stars from varying lengths and used glue dots on the lid to hold them in place. That way I could reposition them if I needed to....I love the results! Hope our teachers do too!

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  1. Love your new crafty are so clever!! You have permission to make and post me things whenever you like!! xoxo ;o))