Thursday, December 24, 2009

monogram tags

So I saw these on a website and also in the Pottery Barn cute are these?! This is a dilemma I have been having this year...we have stockings that I have yet to monogram. I just can't justify the $15 each to put a name or a simple initial....

So, I decided to make my Eve....never go to Pottery Barn 2 days before Christmas! They were inexpensive in the store, but I made these for free with stuff I had at home....

Step 1: Cut out a 1 1/2" monogram letter of your choice...I used the simple Plantain Schoolbook on Shadow on the Cricut
Step 2: Cut out 2 circles from cardstock - 2 3/4" and 3 1/4"...I might have done smaller circles and shadowed them, but I wanted a wide lip for the glitter.....don't forget to hole punch or gromit a hole before you glue on the glitter:-)!
Step 3: Taking glue (I just used Elmers)....brush glue around the edge of the circles...front and back, if you want. Step 4: Glitter the edges. I used a fine glitter that I had, but I would love to make these with vintage glass glitter...I liked the greet, since it matched our stockings....Step 5: I wanted to make these more vintage-y, so I sprayed the whole tag with spray mount and used snow glitter over the whole front....let dry and tie them with some ric-rac.....I love them!

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  1. chessa!!! where has this blog been all my life!!!?? so exciting and inspiring to see what you're up to. can we be new BFF's?
    cant wait to see more.

    xoxo brit