Friday, June 5, 2009

Camp Birthday Party

Lorien's obsession with the Jonas Brothers and the color purple had to be a part of her birthday party this, we decided that we'd do a "campout"-themed party with some bits and elements from the Disney movie "Camp Rock" that featured the Jonas Brothers....thank goodness Target happened to have Camp Rock items in their dollar bins!

The invitations were done with pink, purple, and brown...Joe Jonas greeted the girls as they arrived to camp (good thing we haven't painted Lorien's room yet, so we could use this!)....The girls checked in with the camp directors (Maddyn and Abby) and received a glow bracelet and a licorice treat...(the boys were wondering why the poppers had to be saved until the end of camp)...We divided them into groups and they visited the Camp Store (what was better than a camp store to get all the supplies you need)....Camp food was always served on trays in the cafeteria.....
Camp crafts was always a must...they made picture frames and friendship bracelets (thanks to the help of another camp director, Maddie Atkinson)....And the best part of camp....s'mores! I think these girls devoured at least 3 a piece! With double marshmallows!The night ended with poppers (because you have so have some sort of firecracker thing at camp).... I think the girls had a lot of fun at camp tonight!

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