Saturday, July 3, 2010


I saw these cute pinwheels on a blog this week and thought it would be fun to make was such a quick project and super fun! I started and by the time I was done folding my paper, I had 3 other helpers that wanted to make them too!

Here are the instructions....

Step 1: Get 12x12 sheets of scrapbook paper and cut into 3x12 strips....take one of the strips and cut it in half (3x6)...Step 2: Accordian fold the strips of paper and glue them end-to-end (glue dots work perfectly for this)...They will pop up like this....don't fret!Step 3: You need to figure out something to go over the center..I just grabbed my 3" scallop punch and punched out coordinating papers... I hot glued the shape over the center...that keeps the papers "flat"...Step 4: The centers....we cut letters out on the cricut and shapes, or you can just leave them blank...Step 5: How to display....I thought about hanging them in a swag...but then I thought I would glue them on sticks....Step 6: Enjoy your cute patriotic display!

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