Thursday, April 1, 2010

t-shirt tutorials

So, I made 2 different t-shirts and thought they would be fun to make with and for my girls....For both shirts, you need to have 2 to cut up and one to sew one shirt in a much larger size so you have enough fabric to cut up....

Ruffle T-Shirt:
We'll start with the ruffle take the larger shirt and cut up the side and cut out the arms.Then you lay out the back (since there is more fabric) and cut 3 strips (2 1/2 inches wide) and 3 strips (1 3/4 inches wide) want to even out the ends, too....mine ended up being 21 inches long...Lay the thinner strips on top of the thicker ones....cut 2 strips down to a shorter length (I cut mine down to 16 inches)Sew (on your loosest tension) down the middle of the strips. Take one thread on one end and bunch the fabric careful not to pull too hard because the thread might break....take your longest strip and pin it down the center of your shirt and sew down the each ruffle to the side, without leaving space (this will happen naturally after it is washed) and continue to sew....
And voila! A ruffle t-shirt - a project that cost me just $8!
Floral T-Shirt:
Take 2 in a much larger size....Take the larger t-shirt and cut circles (3 different sizes of your choosing...I used a cup, a ribbon spool, and a thread spool)...cut anywhere from 12-18 "flowers" depending on how far down your shirt you want to go....layer...Next, there are a couple ways to make your flowers...I tacked the flowers folded in half, then did 3 stitches up and 3 stitches back to put them on the shirt....When you attach them to a shirt, you want to keep it tight and zig-zag the flowers for maximum fullness....And, you're done...again, another project that only cost me $6.....

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