Friday, May 1, 2009

Teacher Appreciation Week 2009

So I'm posting this for my sister to see all the things we did, but I'd love to share it with all of you. This week we celebrated Teacher Appreciation Week....we had fun around here coming up with different things to give our teachers. Each day was a "theme"...some days we tweaked it just a little bit....below is a sampling of what we did...

Monday: Bring in a flower for your teacher.....well, I did bring in some flowers as fillers for vases, but I gave each of the teacher a basil plant, since I know they all love to cook....Tuesday: Bring in a fruit....this one was a little boring, but we tried to wrap it, so it looked cute....Wednesday: Wear your teacher's favorite color....I know... I couldn't have them show up empty handed! So, I made each of their favorite cookies and put them in a bag that was their favorite color...our house smelled so yummy!Thursday: Bring in a school supply...we brought in a box of pencils and some chocolate...what is more of a necessity for teachers than some chocolate?Friday: Bring in something homemade or a written note of appreciation....we did both. We made these mini magnet boards and some magnets, attached a little message, and wrote a note of appreciation!Happy Teacher Appreciation Week! We have loved our year with each of you ladies!