Friday, July 11, 2008

marble-magnet how to

I saw these cool magnets on Eve and Debbie's blog...Julie is going to make them, and I wanted to do a fun project this week so I thought I'd try them. I'm going to frame out sheet metal and put a huge bulletin board above the kids backpack hooks, so that they each have their own area for paperwork...really to eliminate the clutter that grows on my fridge door as the school year progresses....the kids were excited to make their own, each with things they are interested in at the moment....

Finley: water polo, swim, surfing, diving, mountains
Brennan: cars, Kung Fu Panda, basketball, swimming
Maddyn: flowers, American Girl dolls, soccer, and polka dots
Lorien: Hannah Montana, Jo Jonas from the Jonas Brothers, American Girl dolls, and gum

2" flat marbles, found in the floristry section of Joanns
E-6000 glue - super smelly, and super sticky for a clear adhesive (Walmart has this)
1/2" magnets - I got packages of self sticking ones in the craft section at Walmart
lots of magazines, catalogs, paper, etc.

Step one.... enlist the help of eager children to tear pages out of magazines or can also use scrapbook paper. I was happy the Vera Bradley catalog showed up because the paper was thicker....

Step two...cut pictures out leaving a large area around them. Glue marble over area and let dry overnight - at least 8 hours.....

Step three...cut the excess paper off and attach the magnets to the back...

Step four...admire your fun project!